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My name is Troy Manley, I am from Chester, VA and attended ODU before starting a 30-

year career in Warehousing and Logistics. During this time, I was in multiple positions of

leadership in Operations Management. In recent years, I took a break from the

warehouse and logistics industry and worked in the propane industry with Suburban

Propane for nearly 6 years. During that time I was able to assist in securing our current

propane service here at the Cove. Now, I am the Branch Manager for Industrial Battery

and Charger.


My wife (Laura) and I have 6 grown children (all boys), 1 very spoiled granddaughter

and 2 Australian Shepards (Molly and Abbie). Outside of work and raising our young

men, my wife and I enjoy RVing at the Cove and other exciting places with our friends,

visiting family, and smoking a good brisket. I also enjoy a sunny day playing golf,

watching the Cincinnati Reds, and Bengals.


I have grown up here at the Cove (been coming since I was 15) and want to continue to

come here and enjoy everything about ICR. Who doesn’t enjoy sitting out behind your

RV and watch the water flow by, while listening to only the breeze? I want to be a part

of what can make it enjoyable for everyone to come here, and not just an inexpensive

place to live. I want to be a part of what and how I remember coming to the Cove, while

preserving and improving this place for the future generations to come. In closing, I

want everyone here to enjoy it like I used to, and still do!


Hello, I'm Suzanne Jenkins, 


I have been members for about 9 years now. My husband & I both retired & have been full time RVers for 5 years. Both of us absolutely love the Cove. Our children and grandchildren, enjoy fishing, meeting new people, having fun at the pools and nights sitting around a beautiful campfire the most. To me the Cove is our relaxing atmosphere, a place to make wonderful memories with family and friends that last a life time.


I retired from HCA diagnostic call center as a team lead who helped managed 35 schedulers and worked with department heads from multiple hospitals & dianostic centers. My favorite job was being a Hospice CNA for 10 years. I'm friendly, fair, and a hard worker. I make my own judgments on issues and people. I enjoy meeting members new & old. You will recognize me by my Boston accent, and love for the New England Patriots. 


For the last 4 years I have had the honor of being on the board of directors and we have made some wonderful improvements. I feel the board, management & staff have worked hard to keep the Cove a safe and family oriented campground but there is always more to do. I would love to continue being a member of the board not only to finish the work on the new Sewer treatment plant but to continue to bring new changes, and improvements to light along with talking, and listening to any Cove member who has concerns, ideas, or just to say hello.


I would be honored & humbled if you elect me to continue on the board to help move our Cove into the future. Thank you.

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Greetings to all Cove members.

I am Bill Placek and I am requesting your consideration to allow me to continue to represent you on The Cove Board of Directors.


During my time here at The Cove, I have had a great opportunity to meet many members from different places and with different experiences. This has allowed me to get a good feel for what many members’ expectations and

ideas are for the betterment of The Cove. My goal during my next term on the Board will be to help to continue to create positive forward momentum in the improvement of not only the physical property, but also to bring clarity of

processes and goals for the members, as well as the staff.


Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have always worked diligently to help every organization I have been a part of to succeed.


I grew up locally in Norfolk. My wife, Joy and I have two dogs and have been part of The Cove for the last four years. I have been very involved in Scouting for most of my life, starting as a boy, and continuing on to earn the rank of Eagle Scout. From there I went on to become an active member of the district committee in Four Rivers District, Maryland. I went to college in Georgia and moved out to California, where I joined the US Navy. I retired in May of 2023, after serving honorably for 24 years.


During my service in the Navy, I have worn many hats over the years. I have managed everything from

being a trainer for Security and Force Protection processes and measures and an accessor for installations across

the country, to being a Ship Superintendent. This encompassed the process, planning and execution of US Navy

Ship overhauls and maintenance to include scheduling, time management, and system readiness to allow for

vessels under my responsibility to be ready for daily operations and deployment readiness.


While stationed at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD, I was a member of the Board of Governors of the

Fleet Reserve Association Post 24. Being on that Board involved helping to institute upgrades to the property,

management of budget and process improvements for planning, implementation, and program evaluation for the

Association; including events, upkeep, and daily operation that keeps the Fleet club one of the shining stars in the

Fleet Reserve Association’s national view.


As a current Board member and the Board Secretary here at Indian Cove, I have been part of the team

that has aggressively pushed to improve all aspects of the camping experience. From the process of replacement

of the well, to upgrades on the rental lodging, to installation of additional security cameras for property

monitoring, we have made great advances. Let me continue to represent all Cove members and ensure a

continued path to an improved camping experience. My aspect of this improvement is to create more clarity for

job performance of the management team through standard operating procedures and additional training.


I feel that my many experiences and knowledge have best prepared me to continue being an active and

productive Board member. I look forward to continuing being your voice and representative.


Thank you.


Bill Placek

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To Indian Cove Members/Owners


My name is Jimmy Balkcom. I have been a member/owner, over 10 years. I am running for the Board of Officers. Members have asked me for years to put my name in for this, but I have been on the Moose Lodge board for years. So, I did not have time. Now I do so with all my volunteering at the moose I could be a real

asset to the Cove.


I will go into this with an open mind in just doing what is best for all at the Cove. Over the years I have met some of the nicest people I have seen come and go. Most of the time they leave because they don’t feel they

are welcome here. I say we all should feel this is our home away from home. If you put me on the board of

officers, I will do my best to make you all feel like this is your home.


God Bless,

Jimmy E. Balkcom

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My name is Victoria Segar. My family and I are born and raised Hampton Roads locals. Im a

wife, mother of 4, Nanny of 5 beautiful grandbabies, as well as a dog mom to the cutest

Pomeranians ever. In August of 2021 my husband and I became members of the Cove. I’m a

licensed Realtor who has been in the real estate industry for 20 years and continually been

awarded the circle of excellence for my level of sales and professionalism. I am also a

successful small business owner of Coastal Creations 757 as well as co-owner of Call A Guy

Contracting. I avidly serve at my church in multiple leadership roles. I serve as a mentor within

my church as well. I am extremely passionate about people, relationships, morale, and bringing

people together where friends feel more like family. Over my time as a member at the Cove I

have participated in several events as well as coordinated and planned the last two fall

festivals/cook offs and last years spring fling/cook off. I am currently working on the planning of

this years spring fling as well. Some of the things I bring to the table is a heart for the Cove, a

want to help improve things, build morale, and bring us all together as a Cove family.

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