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Bonnie Herring: Running unopposed for Treasurer

My name is Bonnie Herring and I have had the privilege and honor of serving as your Treasurer for the past five years. My husband Bruce and I are long time members having purchased our first membership from the developer in the mid-80’s.   As we have always wanted to spend more time at ICR, we purchased a second membership a few years ago.  We love camping and continue to enjoy coming to our “home away from home” as often as possible.   Living local in the Kempsville area gives us the ability to not only camp often, but to also be able to participate in various member functions while not “on-site”.


As Treasurer, I have been able to accomplish one of my main goals and that was to give the members the ability to see how our money is spent and bring fiscal stability back to ICR.  This has been accomplished through giving a more comprehensive Treasurer’s report at meetings, distributing the financial report to those present, and posting our financial report in the store on the bulletin board for all members to review. I have also been available to answer questions/educate members on how to read and understand the information presented.   Working hand and hand with the Board, we have made very positive efforts towards enhancing our financial stability by investing our reserve funds in interest bearing accounts, setting aside budgeted funds on a monthly basis into the reserve account for future needs and monitoring the expenses of our operations.  My goal continues to be to have our money work “smarter” for us, the ICR family, not “harder”.


In addition to the Treasurer’s duties, I remain a very active member of the Board and strive to listen to our members concerns and suggestions with an open mind, review the operations of ICR and make recommendations, and bring suggestions for continued betterments.  Being a long-time member, I saw the beauty of our park at its early age, it’s struggles when times were tough and maintenance and improvements were not able to be performed, and, over the past few years, the betterments and resurgence of the excitement of being a member of such a great place.   I would be honored to continue to serve as your Treasurer to keep the positive growth moving forward and ask for your continued confidence by casting your vote so that I may continue to serve ICR and you, our members.  Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at The Cove soon.  Happy Camping!

Jeff Miller


Virginia native and Virginia Beach resident for over 29 years.  Camping for over five years.  Married to my beautiful wife Karen Miller for 22 years.  I have two grown children and two grandsons.  Both children reside in different states.  Retired Navy Chief Machinist Mate with experience in several engineering systems. Currently employed with Noblis MSD as a Project Team Facilitator for ships that undergo shipyard repairs at all levels. My education consists of a bachelor’s degree in Project Management from Strayer University.  We have two memberships and have been a member for five years.  We spend an enormous amount of time at “The Cove” and love to see people enjoying all the offerings that “The Cove” has to offer.  We have met many new friends and have encouraged others to join as well. 


I am running to be re-elected to the Board of Directors.  Over my past term, I have learned a lot about what goes in to running our beautiful campground.  In order to remain a successful business and campground we have to remain fiscally healthy and make smart decisions on how to allocate funds.  Our Resort is aging, and as such, it takes a unique approach on how to budget from year to year as well as prioritizing projects as to not significantly impact all that enjoy camping here. I am committed to working with everyone to ensure the love and joy that “The Cove” provides us all is well maintained and operated. 

Christopher Eason.jpeg

Christopher Eason 

42 years old, single/divorced, 1 child (5yr old girl) Retired Disabled Navy Veteran (20 years)
Education: Bachelors in Early Childhood Education and an Associates in Marine Engineering
I am a full time camper with over 20 years experience in morale/welfare/recreation (MWR) to include camping, outdoors, fishing, and all sorts of fun activities. I also sat on a home owners association board for 2 years in El Cajon, California for a 300 unit townhome complex. We made bi-laws and rules/regulations changes and updates based on home owners requirements and state/local codes. We also oversaw major refurbishment to complex roofing, stucco replacement and pool repairs/upgrades.
I wish to join the board as I have experience and want to help our community. I don’t like politics and they have no place in board governing procedures and I believe in the spirit of cooperation and fair treatment for everyone with respect.
I can’t think of a better way to learn and help this community than by joining the board and help fix the problems that arise. I also believe it is a good way to meet everyone that lives and camps here. I have ideas for fun activities and ideas to help improve the community and make it better.
I have heard from many people here that it used to be a lot more fun and rules were not as strict. I have also heard of many other issues with problems of following the bi-laws and rules that need addressed and fixed. I want to help and I believe I can be a real asset to ICR. Thank you



Steven Segar

My name is Steven Segar and I am a born and raised local of Hampton Roads. I am a Realtor and Licensed Contractor and Project Manager. I am a husband, father to four great kids, Papa to 4 soon to be five grandkids, and Fur Dad to the Pom Posse as it has come to be known. Since the moment my wife and I became members in 2021 we fell in love with the Cove. Along the way we have been very fortunate to have met lots of the cove members and staff. We have made some great friends and continue to spend lots of time enjoying the Cove. I would like to be a member of the board because I want to be part of helping others have the same great experiences here. Thank you, Steven Segar

Jason J. DiPietro


My folks were members in the Mid 80’s until 2008 and as a kid I had a great time camping here. In 2019 my family joined and have made lifelong friends and enjoy all the Cove has to offer. The Cove has become like an extended family and we spend most of our time here during the camping season. I am running for the board to continue to build upon what previous Board members have accomplished. I have held the positions of Commodore, Vice Commodore and a Board Member for the local Hobie Fleet 32 for approximately 8 years. I work as a government contractor and manage a 12M budget for ship maintenance. I am running with the intention of building a more transparent Board, so that all members can feel like they are a part of the decision making process and be aware of the upcoming improvements to the Cove. I have a real interest in continuing to improve the Cove and provide a place that my children would one day join as adults with their families. I believe I can make a positive contribution to the Cove and would welcome the opportunity to do so.  Thank you for your consideration.














Elana Lambirth


Hello! And thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Elana Lambirth. My family and I became members April 1st of 2019.

My professional career started as an administrative assistant where I used my skills in the Real Estate, Construction, Risk and Property Management fields. During this time, I developed and implemented Standard Operating Procedures, which helped streamline business flow. From there, my skills grew and I became a Buyer/Planner for a multi-million dollar chemical company. Cost effective budgeting, communication with state and federal agencies and timely turn around was key. It was here that I also completed my OSHA, IATA and Hazmat training.

After my family and I moved to Virginia Beach in 2014, I re-entered the workforce. My drive to ensure customer service and quality earned me a position in District Management. While working closely with my store managers, we found where stores were losing sales and correcting the problem, coordinated store renovations with minimal disruptions to customers, developed new marketing strategies and implemented an associate training program.

We started to full time RV and became members on April 1st 2019. The Cove family is a very important one. One that you can count on for when you need a piece of advice for your rig, borrow a tool from, pass equipment on to. And this is important for OUR community.

There is always room for improvement. Not only for our facilities and grounds, but for operations and hospitality.

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