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Vincent Posey 

    My name is Vincent Posey, and I am hoping to secure a spot on the Board Of Directors at Indian Cove Resort for the next 2 years. My family and I have been members now for 6 years, and we absolutely love the Cove. There is no other place we would rather be than at the Cove, enjoying the beauty it provides. This is truly our happy place.  I am a local Professional Firefighter/EMT with over 21 years’ experience. I am the Executive Vice President of Local 2801 Suffolk Professional Firefighters Union, and I have served in this position for over 11 years. During this time, I have had the task of working with our senior chiefs in the structuring of new policy and procedures, and evaluations of certain budgets. I have worked alongside many City Council Members to help promote a safer and healthier work environment, and to promote better pay and insurance for our firefighters. I have also traveled to Richmond to represent professional firefighters and battle for our cancer bills. 

    I am a business owner of a painting/contracting company. I have owned this business for over 17 years. I personally execute all the budgets, payroll, estimates, and contract negotiations for this company. 

    I have served on the Board of Directors for the past two years with what I would call one of the best BOD’S the Cove has seen. With the help of this amazing group we have accomplished so many great things. Some of the most important items would be our finances.  We have gone the last 2 seasons without borrowing a dime. We completely restructured the way the money was being spent. With this new structure, it would be the reason we didn’t have to raise our dues last season and are confident will not have to raise this again this season. I was in favor of opening the park in January and February that lead to a profit of $30,000 the first year and looking promising for another great profit this year. The best part of this idea is that it allowed families to come camp on some nice weather winter days.  Some of my favorite things that we did, was make the old tennis court into a huge play area for the children with over 6 activities for them to enjoy and the redesigning of the front lot and entrance area up front. This area used to be such an eye soar. Now it’s being used for overflow parking for our boaters and guests so that we aren’t parking all over a beautiful grassy area. I have personally volunteered hundreds of hours to the park to help with maintenance jobs; from painting, street sweeping, cleaning the cottage, pulling bushes & power washing to climbing trees to cut out dangerous broken branches that some members were concerned about. I am always willing to stop what I’m doing to lend a hand for anyone that needs it. I have given tours to families looking to become members that lead to the sales of new memberships. I pushed to add additional staffing for security so that our members and staff would feel safe. We have saved over $150,000 in payroll in the past two years. We have completely remodeled our sewer plant and installed a brand new, much larger water treatment plant that I was able to negotiate to save our members a lot of money. I have negotiated contracts with several contractors that have saved the Cove thousands of dollars. I have sat in meetings with the City of Virginia Beach with our Management so that we could move forward with bigger and better projects for our park.

  The reason I am running for a position on the BODs is simple, I am just not finished. Here’s why: I would like to continue with the repairs and the updates that are left to do. We need safer/better streets for those to enjoy their bike rides on. We need to be even more financially stable than we are now, by adding more money into our reserve accounts.  We need to stay in contact with our families of those with special needs to see they get what they need by adding a remote chair lift at the front pool. We need to make sure our seniors are well taken care of by making sure that their safety is a priority. And my favorite, our children. I will continue to support a budget that will provide many activities to keep our children happy. And let’s not forget about our AWESOME staff that are in desperate need of new tools and equipment. Without our staff we will fall apart. I still have a lot of work to do, so I am asking for your vote for re-election for the BOD’s position. I promise I will ALWAYS support the best interest of our members, park and our finances.

Thank you in advance for your support and vote.


Randall Marrs 

I have been on the BOD for the past two years. I have been a part of a great team that has pushed for fiscal responsibility and improving the quality of Cove life. With the help of the members and staff I believe there has been a change to the Cove that will continue into the future. I am hoping with your vote and support I will get the chance to continue the progress from the past two years. Looking forward to many more great seasons together at the Cove.


Thank You 

Randall Marrs

Mark Shaffer 

Hello, My name is Mark Shaffer. I am Retired after 20 years

of Navy service, while on active duty I was a volunteer Fire captain

for the City of Virginia Beach Fire department. I am 

 currently a Shipbuilding Specialist for the Navy. 

I manage project work items through proper planning

and fiscal budgeting. Let me share my experience.

I live in Chesapeake, Va.  My family and I have been

Cove campers 25 plus years and have met many great people.

I would like to be on the Board of directors to keep the 

Family vibe alive and to make our Park better by listening

to all of you and the things you enjoy by making it better,

I would like to see more family orientated events for people 

of all ages. Let all of us enjoy our campground. 


Dawn Pope 


My name is Dawn Meeks-Pope. I am the owner/operator of Delta Hauling, which is a business based out of Chesapeake, Virginia that my husband and I started in 2015 and have continued to grow into a very successful business. I oversee the day to day operations of the business including bids, contracts, setting budget guidelines, and all other financial obligations. My husband and I joined the Cove in 2016 and over the years our oldest children have also became members of the Cove. I believe the cove is a great place to camp and I plan to continue to camp here for generations to come. I think the best way to make that happen is to be involved as much as possible and listen to the members as far as what their visions, wants, and needs of the Cove may be and do my best to implement them. The Cove should be a happy place for kids and adults of all ages and allow them to make great memories each year. If I am fortunate enough to be elected to be on the board of directors, I promise to do my best to make these things happen and always be available to listen to the members.

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