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2021 Board of Directors Nominees 

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Bonnie Herring: Running unopposed for Treasurer 

My name is Bonnie Herring and I have had the privilege and honor as serving as your Treasurer for the past three years.  My husband Bruce and I are long time members having purchased our membership from the developer in the mid-80’s.  We have always loved camping and continue to enjoy coming to our “home away from home” as often as possible.   As Treasurer, one of my main goals was to give the members the ability to see how our money is spent and bring fiscal stability back to ICR.  The financial reporting has been accomplished through giving a more comprehensive Treasurer’s report at meetings, distributing the financial report to those present, posting our financial report in the store on the bulletin board and answering questions/educating members on how to read and understand the information presented.   We have also made very positive efforts towards becoming more fiscally stable by investing our reserve funds in interest bearing accounts, setting aside budgeted funds on a monthly basis into the reserve account for future needs and monitoring the expenses of our operations.


In addition to the Treasurer’s duties, I am an active member of the Board and strive to listen to our members concerns and suggestions with an open mind, review the operations of ICR and make recommendations, and bring suggestions for continued betterments.  Being a long-time member, I saw the beauty of our park at its early age, it’s struggles when times were tough and maintenance and improvements were not performed, and the betterments and resurgence of the excitement of being a member of such a great place that has taken place over the last few years.   I would be honored to continue to serve as your Treasurer to keep this positive growth moving forward and ask for your continued confidence by casting your vote so that I may continue to serve ICR and you, our members.

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Jonathan Hoggard  

Jonathan Hoggard and his family have been members at Indian Cove for 5 years of which he has served as a member of the Board of Directors for 3 years.  As a member of the Board of Directors, it has been Jonathan’s goal to ensure the park remains clean, updated, and family friendly.  He collaborates with other board members, staff, and management to create open lines of communication and a place for all voices to be heard.  Jonathan happily volunteers his time and efforts to help around the Cove alongside both staff and members, and loves the opportunity to host a good cornhole tournament. Getting to know members and listening to their concerns and ideas with an open-mind has allowed Jonathan to build a strong rapport with many members of the Indian Cove family. Ensuring that the park makes sound financial decisions, member voices are heard, Board information is communicated in a timely and transparent manner, and the Cove operates with longevity in mind are at the forefront of decision making for Jonathan. 

Outside of Indian Cove, Jonathan is an active member of the local community as a local teacher and football coach.  He enjoys these servant leadership opportunities and the chance to mentor and connect with players, families, and the community.  Jonathan is also an active member of the Norview Masonic Lodge, Khedive Shrine Temple, and the Khedive Motor Patrol where he serves as 2nd Lieutenant.  These experiences allow Jonathan to understand the importance of conducting orderly meetings, creating open lines of communication, and following through on expectations. 


Van Fisher   

I’m Van Fisher and I’m running for reelection to the Indian Cove Resorts Board of Directors for the next 2 year term 2021-2023 seasons.                                                                                                                                                      

I’m the Equipment Superintendent for a major marine contractor in the Hampton Roads area for the last 12 years. I’m in charge of the daily operations of our fleet from Virginia to Florida. Prior to this position I was a Maintenance Engineer for Mama Kayer’s Bakery for 14 years. My duties include the supervision and cost of maintaining our fleet on a daily basic. Purchase of new equipment and staying within our operating budget. My trade as an electrician has been put to use at the Cove for many projects including our sewer and water systems along with the operations of our pools. As many members already know I am willing to help at any time with whatever issues that may occur.

I have been on The Board of Director’s for the last year. I am familiar with the campground and the needs of our members. I feel the Cove is a great place that needs to develop into a greater place for all the members to enjoy.

It is important to identify operating options and possible alternatives that might result in cost savings. All members have an interest in maintaining our campground at the most reasonable cost possible.

I believe we need change and a different approach to move are goals in the right direction for all members. I ask for your vote so I can get back to cooking.


                                                                                        Van Fisher

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Jeff Miller 

Virginia native and Virginia Beach resident for over 27 years.  Camping for over three years.  Married to my beautiful wife Karen Miller for over 20 years.  I have two grown children and a grandson.  Both children reside on the west coast.  Retired Navy Chief Machinist Mate with experience in several engineering systems including air conditioning and refrigeration among others. Currently employed with McKean Defense as a Project Team Facilitator. My education consists of a bachelor’s degree in Project Management from Strayer University.  We have two memberships at Indian Cove and have been a member for three years.  In 2020 we have spent an enormous amount of time at “The Cove” and love to see people enjoying all the offerings that “The Cove” has to offer.  We have met many new friends and have encourage others to join as well. 


I am interested in becoming a board member as a means to actively participate in the future of Indian Cove.  Over the past few years, I have witnessed many highs and lows here, especially during the 2020 Pandemic.  My goals are to project a positive and meaningful experience for the greater membership of Indian Cove.  The objective is to not get involved with the distractions of others, yet be fair to all. 

Sharron Kennovin.jpg

Sharron Kennovin 

Dear Indian Cove Resort & Indian Cove Resort Members,

I would like to be considered for a position on the Indian Cove Executive Board. I have extensive experience in many areas that would benefit Indian Cove Resort. Currently, I have been working in the real estate industry for over 30 years. I have owned a title and settlement company, managed two different law firms, handled mortgage lending, and currently work for a national title insurance underwriter. I also volunteer on the board, as Director of Events. I have been on other boards for STOP ABUSE & Vanguard Landing throughout the years, so I have experience in understanding how a board should run.

​What I would like to see for Indian Cove Resort is to continue to see the concrete pad upgrades, electrical box upgrades, measurements for the lots in Sand Dollar Circle to ensure we put the correct size RV’s on some of those lots, bring in some crush rock and dirt for lots 327-331A to build up those lots due to sinking from the rain over the years. I would also like to see a more robust plan for COVID this year. As some individuals will be getting the vaccine and others will not. We need more community involvement in doing activities. I would like to also put together a committee that can work together on putting things together for the children, again once we get past COVID restrictions. I think the same can be done for the adults in our community. If we put a committee together for the adults that have ideas for activities on the weekends throughout the summer, Indian Cove Resort will be a place you and your family will want to be all summer. Again, all of this must be done by the government regulations during COVID. I hope I can count on your support this year. “Make the Cove Family, Friendly, Fun Again”.


Marsha Nash 

My name is Marsha Nash and I have been a member of Indian Cove Resort for the last thirteen years. I have also been a permanent resident for the last four years. As many of you know, I worked at the General Store for two years and enjoyed the opportunity to converse with other members and visitors daily. Prior to that I worked in retail at Dillard’s for sixteen years. I would like to see the campground get back to a more family atmosphere for both members and employees. In addition, I want to ensure that members have a voice and that those voices are heard. I will listen to concerns and ideas from all members in an effort to make the campground a more pleasant living experience. I hope that you will consider giving me your support so that together we can make Indian Cove Resort a great place to visit and live!


Ken Fontaine  

I have been admiring The Coves beautiful campsites since I became a member. I am always impressed with the amount of work the staff puts in to keep the grounds so clean and plush. I have a professional background in Information technology and with the Department of Defense. I am all much in favor of upkeep and routine maintenance of The Cove. With the past year of lock down of pools and social events I am looking forward to seeing all that come to an end (I hope and pray) It's been a lonely and trying time for all of us.


Elana Lambirth   

Hello! And thank you for taking the time to read this. My name is Elana Lambirth. My family and I became members April 1st of 2019.

My professional career started as an administrative assistant where I used my skills in the Real Estate, Construction, Risk and Property Management fields. During this time, I developed and implemented Standard Operating Procedures, which helped streamline business flow. This was an asset to those that I supported. From there, my skills grew and I became a Buyer/Planner for a multi-million dollar chemical company. Cost effective budgeting, communication with state and federal agencies and timely turn around was key. It was here that I also completed my OSHA, IATA and Hazmat training.

After my family and I moved to Virginia Beach in 2014, I took a position in a dry-cleaning company part time. My drive to ensure customer service and quality earned me a position in Store Management. Shortly after, I was promoted to District Manager, supervising over 30 employees in 10 stores. While working closely with my managers, we found where their stores were losing sales and correcting the problem, coordinated store renovations with minimal disruptions to customers, developed new marketing strategies and implemented an associate training program.

We started to full time RV and became members on April 1st 2019. Shortly after coming on site, I was offered and accepted the Activities Director position. This is where most of the members, and their children know me from. While in this position, I learned even more about the campground and members. The Cove family is a very important one. One that you can count on for when you need a piece of advice for your rig, borrow a tool from, pass equipment on to. And this is important for OUR community.

Indian Cove is referred to as a 5-star resort. We need to all come together and walk the talk now. Improvements have been made, but as with anything else, there is always room for improvement.

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